Sometimes we find it hard to comprehend just how much the minds of one and two year olds work. They can understand things which we would sometimes think they simply cannot. And they understand them a lot faster than we think. They learn by watching, observing and listening. So in order to enhance their experience of learning we should engage them in activities that will get them thinking and wondering. Just making them play with inanimate toys is not going to help. They may entertain and keep them occupied but will do little to help their growing minds. So what are some simple ways in which we can encourage creative development in toddlers?

Playing with paint
Most parents are very hesitant to give children in the playgroup in Singapore age a chance to play with pain. They are mostly horrified about the mess the kids would create and the common phrase we here when we suggest allowing them to play with paint is ‘but they don’t know how to paint’. These kids may not know how to hold a paintbrush but they can have loads of fun painting with their hands. Yes it might get a little messy, but what are children if not messy. And you can easily turn this into a learning experience by asking them to paint over tape that has been pasted in the form of alphabets or numbers on a sheet, and once the child has finished painting the whole sheet you can easily remove the tape to reveal the alphabet or number.

Appreciating their work
Just like all of us even kids like to appreciate and praised for their achievements and the work they do. You walk into a preschool and you will see teachers using several methods to appreciate and encourage the work that kids are doing. The same think could be done at home in the form star charts or pennies in a till. Kids love it when their work is displayed for everyone to see. You could get them to draw pictures with crayons on tracing sheets and then press the pictures onto a t-shirt or any sort of fabric using a hot iron. The wax on the crayons will get transferred onto the fabric and the image will show up. They would get immense satisfaction from seeing their pictures on either their dad’s or mom’s t-shirts. They would be feeling on top of the world when they can tell their friends all about it.

Encouragement and appreciation go hand in hand and will only make the kids improve and built on their skills.