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Have you been with your best friends for more than half your life and you even went to college together but now that you have all graduated and the time has come for all of you to part ways, you have all decided that you are going to have one last party together? Or do you and your friends enjoy spending time together and every time all of you find a day that everyone is free, you always plan fun activities and spend the entire day together?

Whatever your story may be, our friends are one of the most important set of people in our lives and they help shape us into who we are as well. So whether similar to the first example, you want to have a party or get together with all of your friends because you are all parting ways for work or if similar to the second example, you are always on the hunt for new activities to try with your best friends, read below to see many fun ideas and suitable activities.

You can cook with your friends

Are you and your friends passionate about trying out new restaurants but you all equally enjoy cooking by yourselves as well? If so, you must definitely consider cooking together. You can all make a list of all your necessary items for the recipes you will be trying and visit your closest convenience store together and shop for these items. This can turn into an adventure of its own.

But after shopping at the convenience store, you can then cook together. If a few of the friends in your group dislike cooking or if they are simply bad at it, they can be in charge of making the m mart ready meals Singapore or even arranging the house or getting the dining area ready for the food to be served. They can also be tasked with cutting up vegetables for the recipes that the rest of you will be making.

You can go on a road trip or vacation

A road trip or a vacation is a great way to spend quality time with the people you love but it can be especially great if you want to create beautiful memories and it is the last time you will be meeting your friends in a long time since all of you are moving away for work purposes. If you have a larger budget, you can all discuss and visit a place that all of you have never been to before but it has been on your bucket lists. And a road trip will be great if you do not want to spend too much or you do not have the time for a week long tropical vacation.