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Do you find yourself feeling bad about yourself; even though you can find nothing wrong specifically? If you do, and you are tired of feeling this way about yourself, perhaps it’s time you did something about it. Here are a few tips on how to be happier about yourself and life in general…

 Accept yourself; flaws and all

 When you live in a world that is always demanding you to be perfect; regardless to whether it is perfection in looks or perfection in behavior, perfection in education or perfection at your work place¾it goes without saying that you’ll become more conscious about your minor flaws and imperfections. However, being hyperaware of these flaws can only make you feel unhappy. For example, getting a skin booster is alright…but you don’t really need it to be happy. Your fine lines and wrinkles are just a part of you. Accept yourself, your looks, your situation…and you’ll find that you are naturally happier for it.

 Treat yourself with more kindness

 Think about it; when you look at other people, your eyes don’t naturally look for flaws, do they? Does your mind immediately jump to the thought that the person you saw in the train needs perfect nose fillers, or that the person seated across from you at a café can do better things with their life…? Obviously, you don’t. Your thoughts are much kinder towards those around you. So then why do we tend to judge ourselves so harshly, or look at ourselves so critically. Treating others with kindness is great; but if you want to be happier, it’s vital that you treat yourself with kindness as well.

 Forgive yourself

More often than not, just like we mentioned above, we treat others better¾and are more willing to forgive other for their “crimes” against us. But we have a harder time forgiving ourselves. Stop beating yourself up for that conversation had 3 weeks ago, or that argument in which you spoke unkindly to a loved one. It is human nature to make mistakes; big and small. What is important, is not blaming yourself or punishing yourself constantly; but learning from your mistakes and trying your best not to repeat them.

 Breathe in the positivity, and chase away the negativity

 No matter who you are, if you want to be happier about yourself or your life in general, then it’s important that you embrace the positive and step away from the negative. Toxic people and relationships can drag you down, and keep you from achieving your personal goals. No matter how much you try to be happy, negative people will make sure you find some reason to feel bad about yourself. Cut them, and any negative situation or unnecessary drama, out of your life, and feel the happiness seep back into your life.