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We all love presents. When we are doing trade with a company and the company says they are going to offer us presents for the goods we buy from them under some conditions, we become more than happy to buy more goods. This becomes especially interesting when we realize what we get as the present is something very valuable. While this should be the ideal situation of company present offering to attract customers there are times when companies actually fail at doing a good job using that strategy.

Any present you receive at such a point from a company from an ordinary presents to priceless corporate gifts Singapore can prove to be not interesting. There are different ways in which a company can fail to impress customers with presents.

Giving Presents with a Low Value

If you really want to impress customers with your presents and make them want to work hard to get those presents you have to offer valuable presents. For example, something such as a perfect technological device or even a piece of jewellery is considered as a present with a high value which can motivate people to buy more of your goods. However, when what you offer to give them as a present is something worthless such as an out of date watch or any such good you are not going to get the outcome you hope to have with this present offering strategy.

Making It Too Hard to Get a Present

There are also times when a company makes it too hard for most of the customers to get a present. Usually this happens when they say they are offering this present to someone if they manage to fulfil certain conditions. If the conditions make them spend too much money customers are not going to be interested in accepting such an offer.

Not Being Careful about the Customers Who Get the Presents

Present offering also happens within a company to say thank you to the best customers they have. However, when this business gifts offering happens a company has to identify all of its best customers. If the choosing method they use here is flawed some really good customers could be left out. That is going to make them disappointed in the company and lose faith in the company too.

Not Delivering the Presents on Time

Also, when the presents which are promised to customers are not delivered on time, customers are not going to be happy.

Make sure to not make any of these mistakes if you are using this strategy.