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Living in a fast-moving, digitally enhanced country like Singapore can get on one’s nerves. Most people tend to live at least a few years in their youth in a country as such where they will be part of all the activities from business, work, art and culture, tech sessions and much more. An environment as such will poke your brain, make you restless and lead you to find your mark in the world. That mark will include a partner to share your life with as well.

 Be prepared to settle down

 If you are going to do the “marry-thing”, you need to be prepared to find a good flat or apartment, buy some non-bachelor furniture and settle down. Visit Kingsford Waterbay Showflat to see what type of options you get; if you want to move in to a single-room flat for now, they have it. If you dream of a bigger family soon, a suitable place for that also is on offer. You can also check out all the facilities these premises offer; there is actually no need to shop outside or visit an external fitness center. It is all here.


 Yes, as a bachelor you had a shopping spree or a bar-hunt every Friday where you spent on anything and everything. But now that you are going to become a family, focus on saving. A lot. If you haven’t saved enough until now, you must go for a mortgage to buy a house; the income per month after that will have to be managed accordingly. If your partner works, that can be a help. However the best thing is for both of you to sit down and decide what to do; how to manage your income with the apparent costs that loom ahead. If you plan properly it is not that difficult, and you don’t have to get afraid of a marriage life either.

 Continuing life as a family

 Always have a discussion. If there are any issues, at least talking about it will be a way of relieving yourself of a burden. This is what partners are for. Think about the wins you have in your life. You were able to marry that one person you love, you were fortunate enough to grab the Kingsford Waterbay price and are now settled down in a beautiful apartment, and you are on your way to having your own little family. Not everyone can celebrate these victories. Be proud of what you have achieved and share the happiness around.

 Even though there are digital girlfriends and boyfriends now, what can they offer when it comes to real human emotions and feelings? Life is not only about physical fulfillment; at the end of the day, you should live happily and contentedly. This is the final goal of a human existence. That is why even the fairy tales end on the same note.