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Have you ever had problems with designing the floor of your office room living room or bedroom? Do you know that a sloppily decorated floor can just dampen the whole outlook of the place? Check out the tips to below find out some of the trendiest floor designs of the year.


This is one of the commonly used floor designs. The use of tiles to decorate floors seem to be an all-time fashion and become more and more popular with new and trendy designs. Latest style of tiles seen in many places is the printed tiles. Printed tiles come in various forms; simple geometric patterns, intricate tessellated patterns or just unusual or abstract patterns. Choose the best design for the place and create an elegant look.

Wooden floor

If you’re a nature lover and want to use eco-friendly materials in your floor décor, the best choice is a wooden floor. Recycled wood is commonly used in houses as well as in office rooms. Today this look is created often using recycled bamboo or cork. There are also the traditionally used materials such as oak and mahogany.


The easiness in maintaining had made carpeted floors very common among some people. This is the ideal type of floor design to have in a house with children. Similar to tiles, carpets too come in many appearances. The mostly used plain smooth textured carpet, office carpet tiles design, textured carpet designs are some of them. The safety and comfort of the carpets are few of the many advantages they provide.


If you want to add a more sophisticated and luxurious look and is willing to spend some money, marble floor is the type of design you should try. Marble floors are well known for their elegant look and style but is one of the most priced type of floor designs. A marble floor can give the place a unique look and comes with many advantages such as scratch resistance, durability, and their lasting appeal.

Rugs/ mats

Floor rugs are in many ways similar to carpets and is mostly used in private houses. While there are machine-made rugs out there, a handmade rug can give a personal touch to your interior decoration plan. This can even be considered as a type of cheap carpets you can use without having to spend a lot of money. Rugs and mats are almost always patterned. Most of the handmade rugs are woven with patterns of shapes, animals or other colorful designs.

While many thinks floor design is the easiest and the most insignificant part in interior decoration in reality it does add a lot to the look of the place. Keep these ideas in mind when planning your next decorating spree and to create a modish look.